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High Speed Machining Center

voestalpine RFC Aerospace Announces New High Speed Machining Center

5-Axis CNC High Speed Machining

The most respected names in avaition rely on voestalpine RFC Aerospace for durable, lightweight components that meet exact standards for performance and safety across the commercial, biz jet, military and rotocraft market segments. voestalpine RFC Aerospace isn’t just a roll former of aviation components but now also, among other capabilities, a machining solutions provider.

Precision Machining and Long Part Capabilities

The new 5-axis CNC high speed machining center offers exacting and custom hole features and tolerances for longer, lighter weight material components. Machine, drill, form and contour soft and hard metals that are completed and ready to install on aircraft.

Experience Forms Innovation

With over 60 years of experience working in partnership with leading aircraft manufacturers, voestalpine RFC Aerospace has pioneered the development of new materials to improve the performance and lifespan of legacy aircraft. Specialized services, including laser welding of titanium and machining, allows voestalpine RFC Aerospace to partner with customers to create the exact profile they need to meet each applications’ requirements.

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