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Finite Element Analysis

Roll Forming Finite Element Analysis

Helping to make the best possible product

Innovative and educational, our in-house Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities let us accurately predict how your product will react to real-world forces. It shows us whether your product will break, wear out, or work exactly the way it was designed to. This information allows us to make design suggestions that will aid the manufacturing process, improve product functionality, and reduce the risk of product failure.

Custom Roll Form Solutions for Real-World Problems

No matter how simple or complicated your product, it still goes through a design phase. At RFC, we enhance the design process by using the latest ANSYS and COPRA software and FEA technology to conduct virtual research and development evaluations on new product designs or to recommend changes to improve the cost and performance for existing product specifications before prototype production.

How FEA Benefits the Roll Forming Process

Because roll forming is a multi-step process in which each roll performs a different part of the operation, FEA modeling is especially useful. We can essentially create a virtual roll forming mill that our engineers can use to carefully examine every part of the process—from each individual set of rolls to every potential product deformity that roll or material flaws might cause. Armed with this valuable information, they can then make adjustments or design recommendations to help ensure the best possible part quality for your application.

Our Roll Forming FEA Capabilities Allow Us To:

  • Analyze and improve product performance and reliability
  • Evaluate different designs and materials
  • Optimize designs and reduce material usage
  • Better understand material or part design issues by examining models of finished parts
  • Reduce tool iterations during product development
  • Shorten manufacturing lead times

The Right Software for the Job:

  • COPRA® RF comprises the entire engineering process of roll forming—from calculation and flower design to roll tool design, part lists and tool production.
  • The ANSYS structural analysis software allows us to solve complex structural engineering problems and make better, faster design recommendations.