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Roll Formed Components & Structural Tubes

Utility Terrain Vehicles

As a solutions provider, we partner with our customers with one goal, one result, in mind; safety. Therefore our safety components and tubes for rollover and fallover protection structures are engineered and formed with the best in quality on the market. We like to partner with your engineers early in the design phase so that we can help you meet your design and safety goals.

RFC is extremely efficient in providing information and solutions to design changes and safety concerns.

As a voestalpine company, Roll Forming Corporation offers a global footprint of the best in steel manufacturing and processing solutions and technologies.

Vehicle Applications

  • Sports
  • Multipurpose
  • Utility

Profile Applications

  • Bed Side Components
  • Chassis Tubes
  • Custom Components
  • Custom Tubes
  • Frame Components
  • Hat Channels
  • Safety Cage ROPs
  • Ultra-High Strength Hat Channels

Process Technologies




  • Tube Bending Services and Solutions
  • CNC Die and Roll Tube Bending of Special Sections
  • Hydraulic Sweep Bending



Custom Tube Fabrication Solutions

What are the advantages of custom ROPs structural tubing?

Key advantages of custom ROPs compared to standard shapes.

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