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5-Axis Laser Cutting

Custom 5-Axis Laser Cutting Services

Although we have many in-line processes, our secondary operations are vast as well. One of those is 5 Axis laser cutting.

The Benefits of 3D Cutting of Steel Tubes and Profiles​

  • 3D Cutting
  • Modular and Highly Flexible
  • Individualized Entry
  • Unparalleled Processing Quality
  • Simple, Convenient and Cost-Effective Production

Custom Roll Forming and 5-Axis Laser Cutting Services

Roll forming and 5 axis laser cutting services all under one roof. Roll Forming Corporation specializes in the customization of steel tube and profile components. We aren’t just a roll former. We have adjacent process technologies such as welding, cutting and bending and other patented process technologies. One of our newest cutting technologies includes fiber lasertube cutting of square, rectangle, round, peanut or custom shape steel tubes and profiles.