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Tube Bending

Custom Tube Bending Services

With electric servo driven multi-stack CNC tube bending capabilities, welded steel cut tubes can bend with repeatability and tighter tolerances.

You can choose from one of our standard tube designs, or we can customize a tube to meet your specific requirements. We offer other steel tube bending capabilities including fabrication bending, hydraulic sweep, roll bending, draw bending and mandrel bending services.

Steel Tube Bending Solutions + Roll Forming Under One Roof

Roll Forming Corporation has roll forming and custom metal bending services all under one roof. Bending steel tubing is just one of the many additive manufacturing services we offer. We can accommodate mandrel bending, draw bending, roll bending and hydraulic sweep bending. Other adjacent process technologies include custom roll forming services, various welding capabilities and laser cutting. Both in-line capabilities and secondary operations allows for the right mix of services for your custom steel tubes.

Electric Servo Driven CNC Tube Bending

High production, bending speed and precise re-positioning and control allows for:

  • Tighter tolerances
  • Repeatability
  • Efficiency
  • Scrap reduction
  • Setup time reduction

Mandrel Bending Solutions for Tube ROPS FOPS, Cabs and Structural Steel Applications

Custom metal tube bending for longer parts:

  • Draw bending
  • Roll bending
  • 20′ tube length
  • Square tubes
  • Rectangle tubes
  • Round tubes or pipes
  • Peanut tubes
  • Custom tube shapes