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Solar & Renewables

Solar Roll Form Solutions

Our people, innovative ideas and advanced technologies help the solar power energy industry create a better world and a brighter future.

Roll Forming Solar Racking, Mount and System Components

Our co-engineering services help to develop new solutions, improve existing ones and ensure proper product deployment in the field. Roll Forming Corporation is part of the global voestalpine Group. RFC has access to some of the world’s most innovative solar engineering minds. We co-engineer solutions for solar power mounting systems and solar panel racking systems.

Solar Roll Form Solutions

Learn how we engineered, formed and solved a solar customer’s challenges with a custom design assembly and solution.

Custom Roll Formed Structural Solar Shapes, Profiles, Tubes, Parts and Components to Exact Specifications

  • Solar Panel Frames and Supports
  • Solar Power Mounting Structures
  • Solar Panel Ground Racking Systems
  • PV Mounts
  • PV Panel Brackets
  • Durable Roll Formed Racks
  • Solar Racking Structural Components
  • Solar Rack Roll Formed Shapes
  • Steel Girders
  • Purlins: C Purlins and Z Purlins
  • Torque Tubes
  • Row Tubes
  • Custom Racking
  • Fixed Tilt Tracker
  • Single Axis Tracker
  • Dual Axis Tracker
  • Solar Panel Mount Metal Parts
  • Ramming Posts
  • Ground Posts
  • Custom Solar Shapes
  • Custom Solar Profiles
  • Custom Solar Tubes
  • Custom Solar Rails
  • Custom Solar Components
  • Custom Metal Tubing
  • Custom Welded Tubes
  • Square Metal Tubing
  • Rectangle Steel Tubing
  • Octagon Tubes
  • Round Tubes
  • Custom Angles
  • Custom Solar Components and Complex Shapes

Component Manufacturing for Solar: We Solve for a Better World and a Brighter Future

As a custom roll former and solar panel parts supplier, we also provide extensive in-house capabilities. RFC has the in-house resources and expertise to form complex and custom solar component shapes and secondary operations. Services and solutions include in-house tooling, roll forming, welding and assembly, tube bending, laser cutting and other patented process technologies. We also offer galvanized, pre-painted and powder coated options for steel solar racking components.

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