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Office Furniture

Custom Modular Office Furniture Components

In the office furniture market, opportunities to improve margins may be a challenge. Finding ways to reduce costs and maintain quality standards delivers a real competitive advantage. At Roll Forming Corporation, we have streamlined and fine-tuned the fabrication process, which allows us to deliver high-quality office furniture components efficiently and cost-effectively. And that added value is something we share with all our customers.

Roll Forming Corporation's culture of seeking 'new and innovative' allows us to have early discussions on products that may push the boundaries of normal roll form based products.
Office Furniture Customer

More than 50 years an Office Furniture Roll Former

Roll Forming Corporation has engineered, formed and solved components for the early adaptations of the cubicle in the 1960’s to the modern height adjustable tables and standing desks of today. We have even received multiple premier supplier awards from multiple big name office furniture brands. Needless to say, we are the trusted roll form office furniture manufacturer supplying metal and steel office furniture parts and components.

As a long term and trusted office furniture components manufacturer we know that quality and tight tolerances are vitally important. We use the Geometric Dimension and Tolerances (GD&T) system to ensure that your design tolerance requirements are reflected in the manufacturing process. This ensures that the products we produce meet your exacting specifications every time and in every way.

Office Furniture Components Roll Forming Engineering Expertise

Roll Forming Corporation is a strategic partner that adds value at every level. Our engineering team in particular brings extensive experience to every project, and will collaborate with you to help design new and innovative office system solutions. As an office furniture components supplier, our engineering group’s expertise helps to save on potential tooling problems and can identify and correct a problem before it becomes an expensive mistake.

Roll Form Office Furniture Premier Supplier

To save time and money, we can put several components together in a kit. All the pieces in the kit fit together easily and effectively, creating a single-source inventory for assembly, versus having to source all the components from different locations.

Global Manufacturer of Office Furniture Components

As part of the voestalpine Group, with locations in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, we can leverage world-class expertise, shared knowledge and extensive experience, while also benefiting from reduced shipping and handling costs.

Sit to Stand Desk Components and Height Adjustable Table Manufacturer

Roll Formed Telescopic Tubes for Height Adjustable Tables and Sit to Stand Desk Components

  • Telescopic Square Tubing
  • Telescopic Rectangle Steel Tubing
  • Telescoping Round Tubing
  • Custom Telescopic Steel Tubing
  • Custom Formed, Welded, Bent and/or Laser Cut Tubes

Modular and Flexible Roll Formed Office Furniture Components

Roll Formed Custom Steel Channels and Modular Desk Components

  • Stiles
  • Trim
  • Beams
  • Panel Frames
  • Panel Systems
  • Top Caps
  • Shelves
  • Case Goods
  • Laterals
  • Binder Bins
  • Rails
  • Hangers
  • Tiles
  • Tool Bars
  • Post Connectors
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Metal Tubing
  • Custom Welded Tubes or Profiles

Roll Forming + Adjacent Technologies

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