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voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation Announces New Tube Bending Technologies

Custom Tube Bending | August 2019

By investing in several new technologies, voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation is expanding its essential capabilities to meet the design needs of both current and new customers under one roof – its own. Designs are becoming more complex with tube geometry features and tolerance requirements therefore processing technology needs to continue to evolve to match the industries advancement of product definition.

With the investment of an electric servo driven CNC multi-stack tube bender, RFC can accommodate longer tubes and tighter tolerances. The repeatable processes allow for precision, less scrap and setup time reduction. The tube bender can draw or mandrel bend welded square, rectangle, round or custom shapes.

We have been exploring and adding adjacent technologies and complimentary investments to the roll forming process. Adding these new technologies allows RFC to improve customer value as a trusted partner.
Kevin Dierking, President/CEO

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