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voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation Announces New Fiber Tube Laser Cutting Technologies

Engineered to Form Solutions with Fiber Laser Cutting

voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation is committed to being one step ahead in the marketplace by investing in several new technologies to expand essential capabilities to meet design needs. The investments surrounding tube laser and tube bending technologies, along with a high efficiency tube mill, all under one roof, prove this commitment to current and new customers alike. Adding adjacent technologies, especially all under one roof, allows RFC to accommodate secondary and fabrication capabilities ultimately simplifying the supply chain and controlling quality on behalf of the customer.

New technologies like the fiber tube laser allows for more complex designs but also faster processes while getting rid of some other processes entirely. The new technology processes custom and open shapes up to a 9″ diameter with a 27ft inbound/outbound part length. It also allows for new alternative processing methods that solves customer design and engineering needs, such as tube laser bend relief.

RFC's culture of seeking 'new and innovative' allows our company to have early discussions on products that may push the boundaries or normal roll forming or roll form based products. Supported with a willingness to invest with our company on new ideas allows us to employ the newest technology and market differentiating products.
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